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Before/After photos of some satisfied patients.

Our primary concern is making sure that every single patient is in absolute best oral health.

This can only be achieved by carefully listening to the needs of our patients to provide solutions for an uncompromised smile.

See what we can do for you with these before and after photos.


Crown before and after.
Before and after images of restored upper front tooth with a ceramic crown.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening before and after.
Before and after of teeth whitening.


Two missing teeth replaced with implants before and after.
Patient lost two top teeth and was seeking a fixed solution, rather then the existing removable denture. Two implants were placed, which alleviated the discomfort of a removable denture, and provided the patient with natural-looking and comfortable dentition.
Dental implant before and after.

Replacement with implant and ceramic crown.

Dental implant before and after

Lost tooth replaced with implant and ceramic crown.


Dental bridge before and after.

Ill-fitting removable denture replaced with fixed bridge.


Anterior bridge before and after.

Teeth lost due to gum disease replace with fixed bridge.


Veneers before and after.
Patient was unhappy with spaces between upper teeth. Ten veneers were placed to close spaces and make smile more aesthetically pleasing.


Full dental reconstruction before and after.

Worn broken-down dentition replaced with all ceramic crowns.

Smoking Damage Restoration

Smoking damage restoration before and after.

Enamel distruction due to smoking replaced with composite bonding.

Vaping Damage Restoration

Vaping restoration before and after.

Enamel destruction due to vaping restored with composite bonding.


Dentation restoration before and after.
Restored patients severely worn dentition back to a beautiful smile.
Discolored root canaled tooth restoration before and after.
Discolored root canaled tooth restored to match/blend in existing dentition.
Implant retained dentures before after.
Compromised dentition restored with implant-retained dentures.
Replaced lost tooth with implant and crown before after.
Replaced lost tooth with implant and crown as final restoration.
Large amalgam restoration - replaced with all ceramic crown before and after.
Large amalgum restoration replaced with all-ceramic crown.

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